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Zibo Xinglian Biological Products R&D Co., Ltd. is a biotechnology company integrating R&D and sales of products. It has a young team with strong technical strength. We are committed to the research and development of biological products and have achieved gratifying results in the past few years. The company has made a major breakthrough in the research and development of high-purity (double-pure) SDS and LDS. Its product quality is leading the world and it is the preferred supplier of global bio-majors.

The company continues to improve the production process in the field of biological reagents and biological buffers, so that product quality continues to create a new global miracle.

Received the praise of the global bio giant. The company is a GMP-compliant factory and has been audited several times by many biopharmaceutical companies around the world. The company has 4 standard lean package workshops. Have a team of excellent employees who are proficient in GMP.

The company's service tenet: product quality is not the best, only better, service is not optimal, only more thoughtful. All employees of the company are dedicated to developing new and better products for all customers, providing purer and better products for the bio-pharmaceutical industry and serving the bio-pharmaceutical industry.




Team spirit


Unite, progress, collaboration, common progress

Working principle


Everything is managed, everything is standard, everything is assessed


Corporate Vision


Be a pioneer in China's biopharmaceutical industry



End of December 2012

June 2016


End of 2018


The research and development of biological buffer series products, through the audit of US pharmaceutical manufacturers, began to enter the international market.

Successfully developed high-purity double-purity SDS and LDS to fill the gap of domestic high-purity (double-purity) SDS and LDS

SDS and LDS have been audited by the two major bioreagent companies, Fisher and Sigma, and put on the international market.

Developed a new generation of cell culture media

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